Finance Training

We aim to provide the best training to our customers to enable them to become better stewards of university resources and empower them to increase their effectiveness on the job.

We provide classroom and web-based training and resources for accounting certifications, specific accounting functions and processes, payroll processes, time recording, cash management, and procurement. Training is developed in partnership with our customers to address every major business process within university finance. See the Training Library for information on available courses and tutorials.

Essentials Tutorials

Over the years, DFA has trained thousands of Cornell employees in the areas of accounting and finance. To meet the needs of our customers who cannot attend classroom training, we’re producing a series of tutorials called Essentials. These tutorials, which do not replace formal training, provide the basics of each covered subject and serve as an introduction to newcomers or a refresher for those who have taken training previously. You can find these tutorials in the Training Library under their respective topic areas or by searching for Essentials. You will also find in the library our formal training courses under their topic areas. To attend the courses, you must register through CULearn.


Steve Jackson, Sr. Consultant for OWD/DFS
(607) 255-2175