International Travel

For international travel (including Mexico and Canada) resources, see the Global Cornell: International Travel website, which includes travel advisories, health and immunization requirements, and insurance coverage information.

Travel to certain countries is prohibited by federal law, and Cornell cannot reimburse travel expenses for travel to these countries. See Global Cornell: Travel Policies for more information about international travel restrictions and traveler responsibilities.

For complex or multi-legged trips, we recommend contacting the travel agent directly.

For sponsor-funded travel, a preferred travel agent might be able to help you navigate the associated requirements. Also see Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreements for further requirements. Also see Sponsored Travel.

For international car rental information, see Car Rentals.

Students must obtain permission at least 30 days before departure from Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) to drive a vehicle when traveling abroad. See the Vehicles page on the RMI website.

Required Registration for International Travel

All faculty and staff members and students must register their international travel plans on the Cornell Travel Registry. If traveling to an elevated-risk destination and required to do so, you must complete the International Travel Advisory and Response Team (ITART) petition. See Global Cornell: Travel Policies.

Visas and Passports

Where required for university travel, visas, immunizations, and consulate fees are reimbursable. Passport fees are reimbursable only if the passport is explicitly obtained for university travel. For more information, see Global Cornell: Visas, Passports, and Vaccination Records.

Long-Term International Travel

If international travel exceeds one week, the IRS may require you to produce evidence that business activities made up 75 percent of your total days away from home. You should keep a log of the daily business activities and retain this in your personal files. See Long-Term Travel.