Cash Management

Bank Holidays

Most banks are closed on Sundays and certain national holidays and may have limited hours of operation on Saturdays.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York may have different hours of operation, as well.

Cash Management offers many services that assist campus units to establish means of collecting, disbursing, and managing university funds. Among these are lockbox and credit card processing, wires and ACH, armored car service, and deposits.

Staff Contacts by Responsibility

Debra Federation, Director, Cash Management
Phone: (607) 254-1597

  • New products and services
  • Branch banking services
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Procedural changes
  • Accounting/Reporting questions
  • Unresolved issues
  • Audit questions
  • Unclaimed funds from states
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Armored car service
  • PCI compliance
    • Issues
    • Questions
    • Consultations
    • Suspected security breaches

Kevin Mooney, Assistant Director, Cash Management
Phone: (607) 254-1596

  • PCI compliance
    • Credit card merchant account setup and administration
    • Web credit card merchant account setup and administration
    • PCI e-list subscribers
  • Lockbox setup and administration
  • Contact between departments and bank personnel
  • Cash, check, and credit card handling procedures
  • Bank deposit procedures

Marie Graves, Cash Management Associate
Phone: (607) 255-3221

Charyl Barnes, Cash Management Associate
Phone: (607) 254-1594

  • Incoming wires and ACHs
  • Outgoing wires and ACHs domestic in U.S. dollars
  • Deposited checks returned and Canadian exchange items
  • Payflow billing
  • Unidentified receipts (incoming funds that have not been placed with a department)
  • Student direct deposit refund program
  • International payments to vendors (in international currency or U.S. dollars going to international countries)
  • International collections (checks in international currency received by Cornell departments