Group Travel

Contact World Travel directly to book group travel. When a trip includes multiple people from the same unit, you should discuss the budget implications with your budget manager or administrative office, as applicable.

When you are on university travel in a group of Cornell faculty or staff members or students, the most organizationally senior university faculty or staff member should pay for any group expenses, including meals. The traveler who paid must submit the required receipts for reimbursement. No other traveler in the group can claim the same expenses.

Group Travel Meals

If you are traveling with a group of Cornell employees or students, the senior-most employee traveling must pay for all meals the group takes together. The traveler who paid for the group meal must submit an itemized receipt for reimbursement, along with the business purpose and a list of attendees. No other attendees at the travel group meal may claim per diem for that meal.

If the group members dine separately, each traveler is responsible for reporting their own meals on their own expense reports.

Also see Meals for information on group, business, or hosted meals.