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Need Access to KFS?

See the procedures for requesting access to KFS and Dashboards.

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Get Help with KFS

For help with non-technical issues (how-to accomplish tasks) in KFS, follow these steps:

  1. Check the KFS Guides pages.
  2. See the Training library.
  3. If your issue is not covered in these resources, contact the appropriate operational area listed in the table below.

KFS Help Request

Please follow the instructions on this page to address KFS problems. If all else fails, submit a KFS Help Request (NetID login required).

For help with operational issues such as stopping a disbursement voucher from cutting a check or changing a pay date on a DV:

  1. Contact the appropriate operational area listed in the table below.

For help with technical issues (unexpected errors) in KFS, follow these steps:

  1. Follow general Troubleshooting Guidelines & Common Error Messages.
  2. Check the KFS Known Issues page.
  3. Check the KFS Browser Requirements page.
  4. Contact the appropriate operational area listed in the table below.

For other KFS problems, such as needing an e-doc approved when someone is out, routing problems, deleting sensitive attachments, problems with encumbrances, or unexpected errors not covered in the above resources, submit a KFS Help Request (NetID login required).

KFS Operational Area Contacts
Operational Area Contact Information
Accounting & Transaction Processing
Accounts Payable or 255-0869
Capital Assets or 255-5657
Information Delivery & Reporting
Security (access to KFS or financial dashboards)
Sponsored Financial Services   
Procurement Services / e-SHOP
University Budget Office or 255-1945


Get Help with KDW/Oracle Analytics

For help with DFA-provided information delivery and reporting services, including the Kuali Data Warehouse (KDW) and Oracle Analytics Financial Dashboards follow these steps:

  1. Read the home page on each dashboard for an overview and description of each report included on the dashboard.
  2. Refer to the Financial Reference Guide dashboard for additional descriptive material about financial information data elements.
  3. Contact CIT’s Reporting and Analytics team if you have technical questions about the Oracle Analytics Server.
  4. Submit questions to