The Sponsored Financial Services (SFS) unit provides post-award financial administration of approved sponsored grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements on behalf of Cornell University. We also provide the following services:

  • Leadership in the development of strategies to effectively and efficiently meet the financial requirements of sponsoring organizations and supported units
  • Service to all units, unit administrators, and grant/contract principal investigators through assistance in the business/financial aspects of sponsored projects
  • Expertise in the administration of sponsored grants/contracts, including financial services to university units and sponsoring agencies
  • Advice to unit personnel and principal investigators in the financial management of their programs within the terms and conditions of the grant/contract federal regulations (e.g., OMB Circulars), NACUBO guidelines, and Cornell policies

Contact Information by Source Responsibility

The Sponsored Financial Services unit focuses on the following fund groups:

  • Sponsored Programs (Fund = CG)
  • Program Income (Sub-Fund Group CGPROG)
  • Federal Appropriation (Sub-Fund Group APFEDL)