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Accounts Payable ACH Authorization Form

Current, active employees can enroll in direct deposit for reimbursements through Workday.

Follow these instructions (PDF) for setting up direct deposit and stopping or changing your payment or bank elections.

You do not need to change direct deposit elections you may have already set up for your payroll check.

  • When you register for or update you Payroll direct deposit information, your Accounts Payable direct deposit information for reimbursements is automatically updated. This information will also be updated if you edit your bank information and select OK without making any changes.
  • You will receive an email notification regarding your changes listing the name of the financial institution and the account type.

Watch this short video tutorial: Updating Your Direct Deposit Information for Non-Payroll Payments

Students, alumni, or former employees can sign up to receive reimbursements by completing the form below. This form is only accessible to individuals with a valid Cornell NetID.

Send this completed, signed form to Accounts Payable in one of the following ways:

  1. By Cornell Secure File Transfer: To Jocelyn Feller (jff77), Jennifer Fraboni (jf427) or Eric Banfield (ejb10). Be sure to include an image of your voided check. (Do not email this form.)
  2. By mail: Cornell Procurement and Payment Services, Accounts Payable 377 Pine Tree Road, Ithaca, NY 14850.
  3. By fax: (607) 255-0866.

For more information, see Direct Deposit for Reimbursements.

Addendum for Facility Contract Agreements

Use this agreement when utilizing a facility's contract for event space rental.

Amendment to Professional Services Agreement

Use this form to amend the original Professional Services Agreement (e.g., extend dates, revise scope of work).

Application for Lockbox Processing

Request a new lockbox account for processing a large volume of payments.

Application to Open an External Organization Account

Information about applying for a new external organization account is available on the External Organizations page.

Application to Request a New Bank Account

Request a new departmental bank account.

Application to Request Closure of a Bank Account

Use this form to request to close a departmental bank account.

Attestation of Successful Completion of Annual PCI Training

Certify that you have completed the required annual PCI training for compliance.

Bank Deposit (Excel, 315 KB)

Use this form to send deposits to the bank. One physical deposit requires two copies of the form, and the form must correspond to exactly one line of the Advance Deposits tab of the AD e-doc.

Bid Solicitation

Request a bid solicitation from Procuremnt Services.

Biweekly On-Demand/On-Cycle Correction Form

Correct errors to a biweekly employee's pay, process payments to terminated employees, or authorize overpayment deductions from an employee's check.

Business Meal Detail Form

Supply details of a business meal when the payment to the restaurant is made by procurement card.


Enroll to receive monthly Bursar and CornellCard bills and pay bills electronically. 

Pay Now - Cashnet

Cashnet One-Time Payment Gateway

Make a one-time electronic payment on a Bursar or CornellCard account without signing up for Cashnet.

Caterer Contract

Use this contract to address tax, liability, and contract terms and conditions.


Submit your expense report for a business-related trip or business meal.

Cornell Installment Plan

Enroll to pay tuition and expenses in monthly installments. See Cornell Installment Plan on the Bursar website.

Credit Card Update Form

Request to change information associated with a Procurement Card or a Travel and Meal Card.

Direct Debit/Non-Check Disbursement Request Form

Complete this form to request that a vendor receive a direct debit/non-check disbursement. This request must be approved by the appropriate business service center director and the university controller before it will be forwarded to Cash Management for processing. All documents must be sent via Cornell Secure File Transfer to the university controller.

Elective Tuition Refund Plan Enrollment

Enroll to insure 90% of tuition charges in the event the student withdraws due to a covered illness or accident.

Learn more about the Elective Tuition Refund Plan on the Bursar website.