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What is CornellCard?

The CornellCard is a service that allows you to make purchases by presenting your Cornell student ID card. It is valid at several locations on campus, including the Cornell Store, several ticket outlets, all Cornell dining facilities, and Willard Straight Hall. It is not valid at vending machine card readers.

How do I get a CornellCard?

All registered students receive CornellCard privileges by completing a CornellCard form.

Is there a fee?

A nonrefundable Cornellcard fee of $10 is charged each semester, subject to change. The fee is not prorated.

When will I receive my CornellCard?

Your university student ID card functions as the CornellCard upon submission of the CornellCard form.

Do I need to send money to my CornellCard before I use it?

No. You do not need to send money to the CornellCard until you are actually billed.