Newegg Business Inc

Supplier Stats

  • Name: Newegg Business Inc
  • Supplier Type: Contract Supplier

Products and Services

  • Networking Equipment, Servers, and Workstations

Supplier Benefits

  • Leading online e-retailer specializing in providing an extensive assortment of IT products such as hardware, peripherals, tablets and accessories, data storage, services and solutions to educational entities of all sizes.
  • Member of the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA), and offers NCPA Cooperative Price Agreement-Special Pricing.

Product and Pricing

  • See the supplier's punch-out catalog in e-SHOP. Special pricing applied only to items sold and shipped by Newegg/NeweggBusiness.

Procurement Methods

  • e-SHOP

Order Address

18501 E Gale Ave City of Industry, CA 91748

Customer Service

Sales Patrick Cho SA:626-271-1321, FX:626-271-9558

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Jay Porter 607-255-9460