Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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Local telephone: (607) 275-9000

Placing Orders

The renter must have a valid driver's license. A major credit card or Cornell corporate card in his or her name should be utilized for payment. For tax-exempt business rentals in New York State, the renter must pay with a Cornell corporate card.

Cornell Business Rentals: Use Cornell Corporate Contract number XZ29019 to receive discounted rates. Renters will be required to present a valid Cornell ID.

Employee Personal Rentals: Cornell employees can receive discounts on personal rentals using the code P87521. All renters will be required to present a valid Cornell employee ID to receive discounts. Personal rentals will be subject to applicable sales tax and insurance. Damage waiver and liability protection is not included in personal rental rates. Any mileage fees charged by the renting location from which the rental originates will apply.

Student Business Rentals: Students age 21 or older may rent a vehicle for business purposes by completing the Student Travel Confirmation for Business Purpose Form (PDF, 173 KB) and submitting it to the Ithaca Enterprise rental office.

Student Leisure Rentals: Students may rent a vehicle for leisure purposes by utilizing Cornell University Student Use Code L29A595. (The Cornell Employee Personal Rental Code is only approved for use by university faculty and staff members.) Please note that student leisure renters under age 25 will incur a surcharge that varies depending on rental location.

Rate and Insurance Information

  • Rates are available for all classes of vehicles.
  • Rates are for rentals returned to the same location, additional charges for one-way rentals.
  • Insurance levels included on business rentals are CDW: full value of the vehicle with no deductible, and LDW: $300,000.
  • Drivers must be 21 years of age to be eligible to rent under Cornell's corporate agreement.
  • Rentals for group or visitor travel that are being picked up in and returned to Ithaca can be billed to a department by using a purchase order. These types of reservations must be made by calling the Ithaca Enterprise office at (607) 275-9000.
  • For insurance coverage on international vehicle rentals, please check eligibility with the Cornell University contract administrator. Certain countries are excluded from contract coverage.


Supplier Stats

  • Name: Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Supplier Type: Contract Supplier

Products and Services

  • Vehicle Rentals

Supplier Benefits

  • Discounted rentals based on volume
  • Collision and liability insurance included in rates for business travel
  • Unlimited mileage on vehicle classes, compact through premium car
  • Online booking
  • Availability for one-way rentals to Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo
  • Personal rental discounts for Cornell employees

Product and Pricing

  • Obtain contract pricing online on the Enterprise website. If online, use Cornell Corporate Contract # XZ29019 and the PIN number "cor" (without quotes). Request further information from the rental car company directly.

Order Address

803 Cascadilla St Ithaca, NY 14850

Customer Service

Customer Service Joshua Vendetta Joshua.D.Vendetta@ehi.com CS:607-275-9000

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Jay Porter 607-255-9460